Letter by Subbu Bhayya to all the volunteers of YB and SNP remembering #SVANSS


My dear volunteers of YB and SNP,

Greetings from Adhyatma Yoga, Bengaluru.

At the outset I am immensely overwhelmed by the over all event of SVANSS. It was amazing in all aspects.

  1. Right choice of speakers and topics:-

The themes and topics were aptly choosen and relavant speakers were fixed who were experts in those areas. Each topic itself could convey various messages.

Both sanyasis and other scholars – not just from the inner circle of RK movement but involving people from all sectors – educationalists, social workers, media personals, research scholars and students – men and women had equal roles to play- even amongst sadhus – i had seen for the 1st time sanyasinis given equal roles as sanyasis. Amazing part was the session with delegates speaking and second day presenting poems – kavana vachana. Even a child like Harika to senior most citizen of 85 years old had a part to play in this mega event.

  1. Choice of SVANSS Adhyaksha:

I was able to hear many delegates and all other distinguished guests appreciating the talks of Mataji Krishnapriyamba who was the Adhyaksha for the conference. Swami Nirbhayanandaji who is a senior most monk in Karnataka said he will give 500 marks for her out of 100. This conference was commemorating 150th birth anniversary of Akka Nivedita and so its apt that women are given prominence. That too it was overwhelming to know that Mataji had done her PhD on Sister Niveditha Sahitya and had been working in women education and Nivedita works for more than 35 years. Her valedictory speech was amazing and the audience received it very well and appreciated by standing ovation.

  1. Venue & Stage Arrangement:

The ambiance was very conducive in tune to the theme- it was Sarvam sada Vivekananda mayam. It was a creative world – it had arts – paintings, crafts, culture, science, technology and above all spirituality. The right choice of names for venue – Godwin Mantapa, Alasinga Mantapa were all apt.

The stage and hall had reflections of Mangalore culture and traditions were the event was hosted and reflections of Swamiji- Niveditha thoughts as well. My heart felt congratulations for the team who made it all possible – the Mangalore YB organisers, SVANSS committee and devoted artists like Praveen, Ilias and others.

  1. Stall and exhibition:

The exhibition part was another mile stone in SVANSS. It was a right choice of organisations who are carrying forward Swamiji’s mission in their own ways and giving them an opportunity to connect with youth. The miniatures of Chicago Art Hall, Sister Niveditha’s School or SriMata ‘s house were all amazing. Hats off to the Brahma who made them all. Also the danya collage and massive record making collage of Swamiji by school students were extraordinary which made SVANSS unique in its own way.

  1. Hospitality:

It was feast for a big family to come together and stay together for one common cause. People who had come from all over the state and resource persons who were from PAN India could have the taste of South Canara. The team took meticulous care of each and every aspects of hospitality. I could release the sleepless nights spend by people to make the guests sleep comfortably. There is a gatana in Ramayana where the Ayodhya Prajas after seeing the hospitality of Sage Bharadwaja says, let Rama be in forest, let Bharatha be at Ayodya, but let’s all remain in the ashrama itself. that was the feeling we got at Mangalore. But Ayodhya praja knew the importance of Rama Karya and proceeded for it. And we knew the mission of Swamiji ahead and we had to say bye to Mangalore.

  1. The grand inauguration and grand Finale :

I have no words to express the feelings i had when I witnessed the pallaki Utsava for Swami Vivekananda -Akka Nivedita Sahitya Bandara. The vibrant music and the dances, the raja maryada with YB boys in white dress and saffron petta holding tall Umbrellas and chamaras was a feast fro eyes. I have read in scriptures this being done for Ramayana and other mahatmas granthas like Shankara and Ramanuja. But to the best of my knowledge this is the first time it has happened for Swami Vivekananda. Mataji Krishnapriyamba who is 61 years old said she felt she was 40 years young when she walk through the palakki utsava.

Similarly the end of the conference was another experience on its own. 16 sanyasis of teh Ramakrishna order sitting in one line on stage singing the Sanyasi Geetham of Swamiji in one voice- made the whole place vibrant. The energy brought a great synergy. I felt as if 16 direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna were signing together.

Also it was a coincidence that Adhyaksha Mataji – Krishnapriamba was sitting on center of stage and it was as if all other swamijis were honouring Srimata Sharada and her daughter Sister Niveditha by honoring Mataji in this way.

  1. Release of books, Diary, Logo, and T shirt:

There were lot of things for the delegates and guests to take home- the 2 books were released, for volunteers the YB diary and new t shirts with a new logo with Swamiji’s name as Narendra incorporating YB logo were all a boon.

  1. Narendra Bharatha:

I have no words to explain the emotions evoked by the event Narendra Bharath.

The first Narendra is Sri Krishna – we have Krishna as Nara-Narayana at Badrikashrama. Even in Krishna Anathara time, Devendra after the episode of Govardhanadharana surrenders to krishna that he may be Devendra, but Krishna is Indra for Gou- Govinda and Krishna is Narasya Indra – Narendra. Aptly the Narendra Bharatha started with Sri Krishna and brought in Chanakya and highlighted Narendra in Swami Vivekananda and concluded with the Narendra of the current Era. The conclusion with Niranjan’s 108 Surya Namaskara in 9.50 minutes was thrilling and inspiring.

It was a journey from Yogeshwara to “Yoga Day”eshwara – well interspersed by music and dance, recognition of noble people and works.

  1. Anchoring:

Every session was well co-ordinated, well anchored and conducted by teh YB-SNP volunteers.

The memento was very well designed.

I could write about all other things. I feel limited with my energy to write about the strength behind the whole SVANSS – my beloved friend Sri Chakravarthi Sulibele Anna.

I whole heartedly thank Sri Chakravarthiji and Yuva Brigade – Sodhari Niveditha Pratishtana and all volunteers, organisers, sponsors and each and every soul involved in this great yajna – Viveka Yajna of Atma Nivedana.


Yours in Yoga,

Subbu Bhaiya.
Yours in Yoga,

1534/1, 26th Main, 9th block, Jayanagar, Bangalore -69,
Near Ragigudda Temple,

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