Sodari Nivedita Pratishtana

Sodari Nivedita Pratishtana (SNP), a women organisation, also the sister wing of Yuva Brigade started on the 27th of September 2014 with a vision to work and spread the nationalistic ideas of Sister Nivedita thereby motivating women to render service to the society. The organisation has grown in leaps and bounds making significant achievements in every walk of its, thus growing in terms of roles and responsibilities. The organisation expanded its activities and connections throughout the state at various levels of forum.

Motto: Better to wear out than to rust out
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To study the Life and works of Sister Nivedita, who has made a niche for herself in the arena of  nationality, education, spirituality and service to mankind.
To spread the thoughts and ideologies of Sister Nivedita through radio, television and various public programs.
To empower women and give women a voice in the society.
To emphasise on Nivedita’s way of national education.
To identify Women achievers in all fields and to raise public awareness of their significant contribution to this nation.


  • SAAVIRADA VIVEKANANDA: The journey of SNP started with this program, taking Swamiji to thousands of Hearts. Promise of 101 programs took us few more steps ahead and we could successfully organize 111 programs in a single day.

  • ADHYAYANA VRUTTA: In the view of understanding the life of Sister Nivedita and her contribution to India in depth, a Study Circle is formed where we read and analyse literatures of Swami Vivekananda & Sister Nivedita.

  • PRERANA: “Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled”. A unique cognizance program which creates awareness among thousands of students across Karnataka on Ancient India & its contributions, Achievers of India, Adhunika Bharata, Indian Defence, Kannada Kavi Kavya Parichaya and Health & Hygiene.

  • KALI – NALI: A residential camp program with an objective to exhibit and teach our talents like yoga, craft, folk music, literature, bhajans, dance, drama etc.

  • SELF HYGIENE & SELF DEFENCE: These are two major aspects about which women need to be aware of. Being self reliant is a part and parcel of self defence. In this regard we organise Health Hygiene and Self Defence camps in various rural schools and villages.

  • KALA KUNCHA: A unique experience to explore the world of Art and craft with our workshops.

  • SUMMER CAMP: A distinct camp for girl children of rural villages where we teach them moral education, general knowledge and involve them in various activities to create a colourful moments in their life page. We had a great experience in Yadwada and Hosayergudri village of Belgavi district.

  • BETI PADAO: An Authentic Experience of Sister Nivedita’s Work. We visit houses of drop outs or never enrolled girl children, approach their parents, discuss their issues, assure moral and financial support and convince them to persuade their education for the betterment of their future. We do a small introductory session on Sister Nivedita, her work and importance of education. We also conduct tuition classes for maths, science, arrange for books, bags, umbrellas as per their requirement.

  • THUNDERBOLT: A special interaction program with great souls who have dedicated their All in serving the society, whose life & achievements itself is a road map for us to do something meaningful in our life.

  • GUPTHAGAMINI: An exclusive workshop to awaken inner strength for personality transformation. A Karate training session will be taken for women making them self-dependent and tougher.

  • NIVEDITA150: On account of 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita, we pledged to reach out Nivedita to each and every house, schools & colleges. Likewise we present videos, deliver talks, conduct various competitions, perform drama play of Sister Nivedita in different places.

  • NIVEDITA FOR BLIND: A book on Sister Nivedita was presented for the blind schools library.
  • DEEKSHA DIWAS: March 25, 1898 the day when Margaret Noble transformed into Sister Nivedita by the blessings of her Guru, Swami Vivekananda. Every year this auspicious day, SNP celebrates as Deeksha Diwas across the State.

  • VIDEO PRESENTATION: Often we present videos of great freedom fighters like Tatya Tope, Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Damodar Savarkar, Jhansi Rani Laxmibai on their birth anniversary to thousands of students across Karnataka.

We believe it to be our duty to take forward every bit of Nivedita’s life and thoughts to the women of our Nation.

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