Nanna Kanasina Karnataka


Nanna Kanasina Karnataka

Yuva Brigade’s dream project to overcome the current scenario in the state.
We all have problems, we complain, we protest but have we ever thought of a solution? Have we ever dreamt of a better state with much better infrastructure, health, education, economy and so on. As said by a great man ” If you don’t dream, someone will hire you to fulfill their’s”. Yuva Brigade brings one such opportunity for you to construct dreams of a better state which in turn is a better lifestyle to you.
Nanna Kanasina Karnataka is a bunch of thoughts on development of your place put into one basket by intellects, seniors,youths and all residents of that place only. Ideas from this basket is picked and a blue print is prepared. This blue print is what thousands of native people want to see in reality after five years of government.
Friends, we have failed miserably all these years. We failed in building ideas, we have failed in having action plans. The time has now come. Find the resources that your place possess, how it bring economy to you? Does your place have the zest and capability to contribute towards any sector such as power, tourism, agriculture, education,software etc? Start sketching ideas,dream of a state that can contribute the highest to the country after five years.

You can reach us with your ideas at +917019010048.

Open up this form and colorĀ it with your ideas :


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