An orator, author, columnist and a profund thinker working towards the betterment of the country as an Individual also motivating the generation to come through his notable works and talks. He is also the mentor of Yuva Brigade an Organization formed by like minded youths.

After completing his bachelor’s in Engineering in the stream of Computer Science, Chakravarty indulged himself into nationalistic thoughts and services related to it through Rajiv Dixit’s ” Swadeshi Andholan “

Till date he has written over 15 books in kannada on various topics related to nationalism which have been published and have earned highest demand.

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He has also worked

He has also worked as a freelance journalist in various newspapers and magazines some of them include.,

  1. Editor in ” Swadeshi Andolanada Belaku ” the face magzine of Swadeshi Andolan.
  2. ” Mera Bharat Mahaan ” a series of columns in kannada newspaper ‘ Vijaya Karnataka ‘
  3. A series named ” Honge Kamyaab ” in Vijaya Karnataka.
  4. Managing Editor in kannada weekly newspaper ” Garva “.
  5. Series of articles named ” Life Scan ” in kannada magazine “Karmaveera”.
  6. Article series named ” Jaago Bharat ” in Vijaya Karnataka.
  7. Currently presenting a series named ” VishwaGuru ” in leading kannada newspaper Vijayavani.

Presence in digital media

Chakravarty has also made his presence in digital media, hosting various shows on different TV Channels some of them being

  1. Hosting a TV series Nivedana and Theertha Yaatra on ETV Kannada
  2. Managing and hosting ” Sandhyaraadhane ” on Z Kannada
  3. Script and story written to the movie ” Hero ” based on the life of Swami Vivekananda directed by T.S. Nagabharana
  4. Has participated as a panelist to nationalistic debates on numerous news channels.

As an Orator, As an Author.

As an Orator.

He started to orate from the days of Swadeshi Andholan which has continued till date. He has given numerous speeches on National Heroes, Nation and the innumerable achievements of our country. He has travelled all across India addressing public gatherings through his thoughts on the country.

As an Author.

Authoring over 15 books in kannada, most of them creating high demand among the masses. Some of his books being

Published Books

  1. Saradara – Life of Sardar Vallabhai Patel
  2. Apratima Deshabhakta Swatantrya Veera Savarkar – Life of V.D Savarkar
  3. Swatantrya Maha Sangrama – 1857
  4. JNU
  5. Jaago Bhaarat
  6. VishwaGuru

Social Responsibilities

As a person with nationalistic thoughts, Chakravarty has been a part of many Organizations. started an organization named ” Rashtra Shakti Kendra ” which has been spreading nationalistic thoughts among the masses of the country. A part of which being Yuva Brigade.

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